About Miss Rachel

I am a mom to three great kids:
  1. A - one half of my twin, 9-year-old boys, loves electronics, legos, and is learning to live with Asperger's Syndrome
  2. B - the other half of my twin boys, loves science, MythBusters, and is learning to live with ADD
  3. J - the 7-year-old girly-girl who thinks she runs the house, loves coloring, playing "dog school," and torturing our very large cat
I am married to my best friend, Chas.  We met in high school, started dating in college, and have been married now for 16 years.  Chas teaches Middle School English and loves reading, movies, theater, and us.

I used to teach elementary school.  Once the kids came along I stopped teaching school and started teaching at home.  I used to watch my niece (two years younger than J) and my nephew (one year younger than A and B) full time from the time they were infants, adding two more people to our clown car.  I also ran a Mom's Morning Out for a couple mornings a week until all three kids were in preschool.  Then I started teaching at their preschool.  This was my last teaching preschool.  I am currently seeking another teaching job in the kids' school district for the fall.  This summer I'm teaching at a reading and writing camp during the afternoons for the month of July (A, B, and J go for free) and at a drama camp which meets twice a week at night (and A, B, and J go for free). 

We are ALL home for the summer.