Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer of 2011

It's summertime again!  This summer is a little different from last summer (money's tighter so we couldn't renew all of our museum memberships, A refuses to go to the movies any more for reasons that seem to only make sense to his autistic senses) but knowing how important structure is for all three kids, I have been researching ideas for the last couple months.  I decided to make a very clear schedule that has each child's list of things they need to do on it.

My supplies
I bought some supplies: a giant magnetic white board, colored craft sticks (different color for each kid), colored tape, and magnet tape.

And look at what I made! 

Isn't it pretty?!!  And is it dorky to be so proud of how it looks?
The board's divided into three main columns (one for each kid), and each column is split down the middle for their TO DO list which they move to the other side to become their TA DA! list as they complete each job.

The kids earn one poker chip for each stick in their TA DA! column.  Each of the kids already has a chip jar for this positive reinforcement system we have in play.  Twenty chips can be traded in for either $1 OR fifteen minutes of extra screen time.  We have just added that they can LOSE chips too for not correcting their behavior after receiving a warning from us.  They can get warnings for having a meltdown (screaming and crying when something disappoints them) or whining or asking about something over and over and over again about which they already were told no.

And that's it - our organized summer schedule.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works!

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