Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And It Begins . . .

School ended on Friday the 18th, so our summer officially began on Monday.  The official "Summer Schedule" came about when we made the decision that there was no way we could afford camp for the kids so we might as well embrace the idea that all five of us would be home for the summer.  With A on the spectrum and the possibility of B having ADD and possibly also being on the spectrum, I knew how important it was for them to have a definite routine, a structure to the summer that they could count on and help them know what to expect. 

Our first Museum Monday was a huge success!  We tried out the Delaware Children's Museum, a new museum that we had never been to before.  We were planning to just pay for the day's admission, but were so blown away with the quality of the place we ended up buying a family membership before we left.  Monday was my sister's last day of school, so we had our three plus my niece and nephew with us, and EVERYONE loved it.  I truly think we could have stayed all day.

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