Friday, July 9, 2010

The Great Holtzie

Our Wacky Wednesday adventure for the last day of June was to see a stand-up comedian for kids:  The Great Holtzie.  Rose Tree Park offered this FREE show, and the weather was cool enough that we willingly not just sat on the grass, but in the direct sunlight.  I know the picture below does not show my kids, but it was one of my favorites from his website.  Besides, my kids were looking at each other while laughing hysterically for most of the show, so I figured it's close enough.

The Great Holtzie gave an amazing show that all of us loved.  To be fair, he really played to his audience.  Luckily, Chas and I still laugh at most little boy humor.  There were diaper jokes, jokes about worms, and plenty of bald jokes, but I loved the movie references that it seemed like only Chas and I got ("He rubs the lotion on himself . . .").  At one point he got a volunteer to run up to the snack bar as fast as he could to buy him a Sprite, screaming, "Run!  Faster!" the whole time.  When the kid got back to the stage, The Great Holtzie tipped him with cash, which was very nice, considering he never even drank the soda.  He then joked that he had told his wife this morning that he would somehow get some kid to run to the snack bar for him and work it into the act.  Too funny!

As we left, B started planning how we should hire him to do his eleventh birthday.  You know, since he already knows what kinds of parties he wants for his ninth and tenth birthdays.  And since his birthday is a whole seventh months away.  It's good to be prepared.

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